1. GDI Could Use Some Stuff (and People)

    We are now nearing the end of our mid-session break, and planning is going full hilt for the next two sessions that are approaching. We have our first Javascript series starting next Wednesday (9/1) and the following Tuesday begins our second round of HTML/CSS classes. 

    After our recent postmortem we will be making some curriculum changes. We decided that instead of doing small projects each class, we would create one project. We will introduce the finished version at the start of classes, and also show them what they will know how to do by the end of each class. We think this will add consistency. We also will be adding homework, which will only be suggested and not enforced. We thing that especially in the Javascript classes, retention between classes is an imperative. 

    We also have identified some needs. Now that we will be having double the classes we will have half the teacher’s assistants (we may offer math as the next course). We will be needing more for this round, we like having 2 or 3 per class. This is what we look for in TA’s:

    • Developers, you don’t have to be a rockstar, you can even be a baby. However you will need to be able to walk people through some remedial stuff. 
    • Either gender is ok, we do not discriminate. 
    • We ask that you be someone who is patient and generally understanding. 

    If this is you and you would like to volunteer some time to GDI reach out to us here. Classes are Tuesday and Wednesday nights at 7:00pm in the downtown area. 

    Our second ask is for books. We want to empower these ladies to teach themselves, and we feel that especially in the JS classes books are a necessity. We haven’t determined a good beginner HTML/CSS book yet. However, we’re either going with the Crockford Bible or JQuery: Novice to Ninja. Currently we are in debates of the advantages/disadvantages of teaching JQuery to those who don’t know Javascript.  

    Our classes are low cost, and we are currently only covering cost. We would have to raise rates a large percentage to cover books as well. We are hoping to find a company that thinks our cause is as awesome as we do that would be willing to donate the books. Maybe even more than one. We think these ladies are worth it. If you are that company, or know one that is please reach out here. We plan on emailing a few places that we think may be open to this as well. 

    More updates soon, including a really exciting new addition to the GDI family.  


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